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This month, for the next 3 weeks, I’m going to be giving away $1,000 worth of online brand consulting sessions (10 free 1-hour sessions) to 10 business owners.

I usually charge $100/hour for brand consulting (ask any of my clients), so this is a STEAL guys. 

This is for business owners who have been wanting to take their brand to the next level, but haven’t known where to start or haven’t been able to justify investing in hiring someone to help them yet.

I’ve never done this before, and I’m not sure if I’ll be doing it again, so don’t miss out!


In your session, I will give you the same kind of brand and design consulting that I give to my high-end design clients.

  • Brand critique

  • Design guidance

  • Marketing/branding advice

  • Strategic steps for elevating your brand/design

  • We will determine the guidance that will best serve your business now.

  • Give you next steps you can take action on

You will walk away with clarity and confidence on the next steps you need to take and the specific areas of your business you can focus on to succeed this year.


  1. You must be the owner of an active/running business to be eligible for a consulting session. (This includes being self-employed, freelancers, small/medium business owners, direct sales owners, etc)

  2. You must be subscribed to the Frontrunners email list. (You can do that by registering😊)

Submit your Registration by SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10 at Midnight and I will select 10 people to do a 1-on-1 consulting session with by Monday, February 11.

Spots will fill up FAST!

Registration closes on Sunday, Feb. 10 @ Midnight!

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*This offer is available exclusively to my email list subscribers. To become eligible, simply register in the form above.

I don’t have a business/ I didn’t get a slot.😭 

Can I still learn? — YES! You can WATCH!

While only 10 people will be selected for a session, I want to give you the opportunity to watch and learn and glean valuable knowledge and direction as I work with each of the 10 people.

If you want access to listen and watch these private sessions, then sign up HERE and I will give you access to come join us as an observer.


Nathanael Clanton,

I've got 12+ years of design experience with companies of all shapes and sizes.  (Nike, Nintendo, Brand Jordan, Apple, Microsoft, GAP, Ken Griffey Jr., Asics, NFL & NBA athletes)