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+ Is STEP 0 Different just another "How-To" book?

We each have a different path in life. STEP 0 can teach anyone how to start their unique journey.

We don't need more information, we need more affirmation. We don't take action on what we know, we take action on what we believe. STEP 0 is more than a "How To" book, it is a companion that stays with you along your entire journey, encouraging you to keep going and to take it one step at a time.

+ Why should I read STEP 0 if there's so much free information out there?

The internet is full of people who share quotes about doing things by the people who actually do the things, without actually doing the things themselves. – This is not one of those. – STEP 0 is based on actual, hands-on experience, action and successful results. It's said that you can't lead someone to a place you've never been; but I've gone and LIVED these principles out first before writing this book.

+ Do I have to follow a day-to-day plan to get through STEP 0?

This is a self-paced program. There are no live or time sensitive elements, so you can work at your own pace and there is no set time you need to start. You will receive access to all materials and can begin on them whenever you like! You can start now, and then begin STEP 0 whenever you want to at your convenience.

+ When and how do I access STEP 0 once I've purchased it?

You can go through STEP 0 from home, from anywhere in the world, and on your schedule. After you purchase, you will receive a notification with a download link on the Launch date, June 16th. – Once you've downloaded your STEP 0 package, you will have access to all the materials inside. You won't even need an internet connection because they will be located right on your device! – The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere. And you'll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your time.

+ What is the time commitment?

That depends completely on your level of commitment to your goal – you can spend a day, a year, or a lifetime taking your first step. The goal of STEP 0 is to speed up your process by getting the biggest obstacles out of the way so you can save time, money, and avoid the pain of regret of, "I wish I started this years ago." – That being said, I would recommend setting a 60-90 day timeframe for yourself and be accountable to someone else (ex: you and a friend both go through STEP 0 together.) Remember, the sooner you get off STEP 0 to Step 1, the sooner you can get to Step 2 of your dream! – However, even if it takes you a year, you can go at your own pace, no rush, and still get incredible results!

+ How do I know STEP 0 will work for me?

In STEP 0, you will be learning from someone who has done more than just read a few books on personal development and business. I have over a decade of experience designing and branding for some of the biggest brands in the world, launching startups, helping clients start and launch their own dreams and achieve their goals. – Most people share knowledge and advice they learned from someone else's success, but I have guided both individuals and global corporations through the process of turning intangible ideas into achieving tangible results: raising millions of dollars in investment capital, launching a product from the ground up, to building a thriving community.

+ Do I have to be an entrepreneur or a creative person in order for STEP 0 to work for me?

If you have a goal, STEP 0 is for you. These principles are versatile and apply to any person in any situation, whether you're a business person, a creative, or someone focused on personal development. You don't have to be tech savvy, a Type-A go-getter, or know a lot about business – you've just got to want your dream more than you want to be comfortable.

+ I am starting from scratch, just an idea I've wanted to take action on but haven't yet. Will STEP 0 be for me?

Yes, STEP 0 assumes that you have no prior experience - it takes you by the hand from the beginning and gives you the tools in your belt to be able to take action forward as you move on to Step 1, Step 2, and beyond.

+ Is STEP 0 a book or a course?

We each have a different path in life. STEP 0 can teach anyone how to start their unique journey.

STEP 0 is a book, but it's also much more than that. Because I care about giving you everything you need to succeed, I've also created a ton of resources to deepen and enrich your experience as you go through STEP 0. These multimedia resources include audio, video, and beautiful graphics to provide value to you on all fronts.

+ When can I buy it?

Right now! You can preorder STEP 0 today right here. You also get a 20% discount when you preorder before May 29th. After that, the discount lowers to 10% off until the official Launch date on Friday, June 16th. Starting on the Launch date, the product will return to full price.

+ How much does this cost?

Depending on the package you choose, the program investment begins at only $39. – The price is even lower if you take advantage of the limited-time Preorder discounts (20% & 10%).

+ It's a big investment! How can I afford this right now?

Though that question is based on your personal situation, I can tell you that the strategies in STEP 0 have made me and my clients tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, think of the value of the time this will save you: if STEP 0 helps you save a month, 6 months, or a year in your growth process, the dollar value of that time alone is enormous. Beyond that, the fulfillment of actually bringing your dream to life and no longer feeling behind in life can't be valued with a price tag. The Preorder discounts are specifically designed to make this program accessible to everyone, even if you’re just starting out. With programs like this, it’s important to think about your return on investment. Instead of thinking about how much the course costs, ask yourself how much it can make you.

+ If I preorder, when do I actually get my STEP 0 package?

When you preorder, you will get the STEP 0 Sample Chapter immediately. Following that, you will receive an email with a download link to your product on Launch Day: Friday, June 16th.

+ What is the refund policy? What if it isn't a good fit?

While I believe that STEP 0 can bring value to anyone, I understand that there will be exceptions. You are fully backed by the 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with STEP 0, you may request a refund within the first 14 days of the program. I suggest you try it out and see how you like it! Please see our full refund terms and policy right here.

+ How do I know this will help me be successful?

Honestly, I can't guarantee anything; that wouldn't be honest or legal. But I can tell you that this process has worked for me personally and consistently throughout the decade I've worked with my clients. It requires work. It requires you to care about your results. It requires your commitment. But these principles have helped people in all sorts of industries and niches, even obscure ones, and I know it has the potential to work for you too - if you work with it! I give you all the training and tools, you just need to follow through and do your part.

+ I've already started taking action toward my dream/business/goal, is this still for me?

Yes. If you already have begun taking steps forward but you want to progress even faster, get past internal fears and obstacles you're still experiencing, or know what to do once you reach the next level - this is for you. STEP 0 will take your current process and upgrade you with the tools and tactics to accelerate forward. Life is made up of a series of STEP 0's, new levels and new beginnings, and this program can help you at whatever level you're at.

Question still not answered?

Please drop me a line, I'm here to help!