Step 0 - Book + Workbook

Step 0 - Book + Workbook


For those who want to purchase just the Step 0 Book. You will receive the digital book as well as the Step 0 Workbook as a free bonus.

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In order to stop breaking the promises you make to yourself about bringing your goals to life, you've got to remove the biggest obstacles out of your way first. Those obstacles are INSIDE.

You've got to know how to dig deep and uncover the internal obstacles that have made you repeat the INSPIRATION > START > ENCOUNTER RESISTANCE > QUIT cycle.

Step 0 will help you do just that.

Step 0 is full of tools that speak to your heart, not just your head, and will empower you to no longer be paralyzed and to actually do the things that you dream of doing.


In addition to getting Step 0 in both PDF and eBook formats, you will also get the Step 0 Workbook as a free bonus, which acts as a companion through your journey with the book.

Inside you will find strategically thought-provoking questions for each chapter of the book. I developed this workbook for you because I care about not just giving you knowledge, but also a means by which to APPLY that knowledge and turn what you learn in Step 0 into ACTIONS that could change the course of your life, business, creativity, and passions.


"If you've had a dream or a vision, you've probably experienced the frustration of simply getting started. We can certainly relate.

Nathanael does an excellent job untangling the fear and confusion that can plug up the process or stop it all-together. His thoughts and strategies in STEP 0 can help you get the ball rolling. Your idea could be amazing, maybe even life-changing! But it won't be anything if you never start!"


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