Comfort Is Overrated


I shared this thought today on Instagram and felt that it was so important it was worth sharing with everyone here on the blog.

Comfort doesn’t drive you to grow, strive, win, learn, or take big steps.

We spend so much time worrying about our lives and wishing we could just have the things that would bring us comfort and security ("success", money, house, approval of people, etc.)


And while those things aren’t bad in themselves (and being comfortable isn't bad), it’s too easy for us to MISS OUT on the massive benefits of DISCOMFORT.

Discomfort is not bad, it is good.

Being in uncomfortable circumstances isn’t a disadvantage, it’s a massive ADVANTAGE... depending on your perspective.



“It’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s the MEANING you attach to it.” 



Discomfort is painful, but pain is only bad if we don’t use it as a TOOL to GROW.

I’m pretty uncomfortable in life right now.

My businesses aren’t where I want them to be yet. I’m preparing for our new baby to come with a lot of uncertainty of how to provide long-term. I’m working my butt off, doing everything I know and can to produce and move us forward financially. I’m spending my free time building Frontrunners. I’m learning to be patient while the future (ie: Next Week) is a big question mark. And I’m being the best husband, brother, son, and friend I can be.

There’s been a lot of false starts, unfulfilled promises to us, unmet expectations, crises, health problems, money problems, and dry seasons.

Can you relate?


But I CHOOSE to not slip into despair, defeat, depression, or a victim mentality.

I CHOOSE, every day, to see that all of these things are TEACHING and EQUIPPING me for something GOOD.


All the adversity me and my wife Shannon have been facing is laying a deep foundation of ENDURANCE , CHARACTER , FAITH, TEAMWORK, PERSEVERANCE, & EMPATHY inside of our hearts & minds.

And all of those things produced in us as a result of our RESPONSE to trials are GOOD things!
Therefore these “bad” circumstances are actually GOOD things!


This mindset allows us to be GRATEFUL, PEACEFUL, GENEROUS, HOPEFUL, and JOYFUL even in the midst of the storm. – That's the difference-maker right there.


Maybe it’s time to change your perspective on your situation? 

Stop wishing for comfort. Stop asking to have the pressure removed from you.

The pressure is GOOD, it’s what’s making you into who you are destined to be.


If you're having trouble identifying the areas where you're holding yourself back, here's an amazing free resource I've created for you called STEP 0. You can download it here.

Keep running guys,

– Nathanael