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UPDATE: This workshop is over! But it was AWESOME!

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Start With Squarespace!


This Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 at 10am PST, we're going to get together for a free online workshop!

(Ok, I really just wanted an excuse to hang out:) I'll be showing you the ropes for Squarespace, one of the most simple and elegant website platforms out there, so you can create your own beautiful site!

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Starting a website or blog can be a pretty intimidating task if you've never done it before; and at the same time, it's a critical part of building a business or getting your name out there into the world.

When it comes down to it, you want to spend more time and energy running your business or creating than messing with a complicated website builder.

This Saturday, you’re going to learn the essential tools and steps for creating and setting up your own blog or website. The stuff I’m going to share will make your life SO much easier!


  1. Why Squarespace is the best online platform to build your blog and business quickly.

  2. Choosing the right template for your brand and setting up the ideal page structure for your blog/site
  3. How to use the simple tools and visual editor of to design your site without any coding, servers, or extra software.
  4. Setting up your custom domain name, connecting your site to social media, and selling products (digital & physical) on your site.
  5. Plus a LIVE Q&A session, so you can get all your questions answered about Squarespace, next steps, & more!

Come hang out with us this Saturday at 10am PST. It's gonna be a bast:)

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Stoked to see you!


PS: I will be offering two more workshops related to blog & website building in March, on the 17th and the 31st. More details to come!