Tired of hearing crickets instead of comments? You might need to start doing this.

Do you ever feel like the words you write just get scrolled past and never read?

You spend hours of your time writing for your blog, sharing ideas, knowledge, and your passion in hopes that you'll be able to reach somebody who thinks, "Yes! They're speaking right to me!" when they read your post.

But instead... CRICKETS.

No comments. No social shares. No emails in response telling you how life-changing your words have been.

What's wrong with this picture?

There must be some kind of disconnect between your awesome writing and your readers.

It sounds kind of pathetic, but one of the biggest reasons they didn't respond is probably because they didn't even bother to read it.




They took one glance at your email/blog post, saw more than 3 paragraphs of text and said to themselves, "I don't have time to do this, I'll read it later.", then your blog post was lost in the abyss forever, never to be read again.



This is so frustrating, especially if you're someone who enjoys writing, or is trying to form a deeper relationship with your readers or followers.

How can you help someone if they don't even have the attention span to read what you have to say?


I used to struggle with this problem too - but over the years I’ve figured something out.

You've got to make reading an EXPERIENCE. 

You've got to pull people in. You've got to make it digestible for people to take in. Feed it to them in delicious little bites, rather than all at once.

If you can deliver your writing to people in a way that every line or paragraph has a clearly displayed piece of goodness highlighted, then people will eat it up and look forward to the next paragraph with anticipation.

Think of it as an analogy of a giant sample box of chocolates, each of them a different flavor. You'd be more likely to eat 30 small, tasty treats, than to gnaw your way through a solid 1lb block of chocolate.

My writing used to be the 1lb block of chocolate: Huge, long streams of thought that I personally found exciting and fascinating, but other people would never take the time to read through. It was too much. 

I've learned through years of experience designing for clients that it doesn't matter how good your product is if the package sucks. It doesn't matter how great your message is if your presentation is subpar.

You've got to create an experience for people that catches their attention and makes them want to stick around to see what's next.



When I launched Frontrunners two years ago, I set out to do blogging in a different way.

I wanted it to feel like you were reading a high-end magazine instead of a blog post. I wanted the words to be a visual experience.

I wanted to draw people's eyes along through my writing with big headlines, beautiful images, and a designed layout that made it not just easy to read a 3,000 word post but ENJOYABLE too!

And it worked.

I can't tell you how many comments I get from people about the uniqueness of my blog posts. They say things like, "I love how you laid out the text! It was super easy to read." or, "I don't normally like reading, but I really enjoyed your post!" I get the same kind of comments from people about my book, STEP 0.



Design matters.

It can be the difference that makes your blog stand out from the dozens of others that people are "getting around to".

It can bring your words to life in a way that helps people keep reading when others would have stopped. It strengthens your brand, builds loyal fans, elevates your message above all the noise, and most of all, helps people notice and actually CARE about what you have to say.


I don’t want anyone else to be held back the way I was.


That’s why this weekend on Saturday March 17th (St. Patty's Day) , at 10am, I’m hosting an online workshop to show you how to craft blog posts like a boss.


It's called Blog Post Pro, and it's going to be awesome.


At this workshop, you’ll learn:

  1. My philosophy on why good design will make your blog one of the few that people keep coming back to.
  2. How to choose the right fonts and sizes for your text, as well as how to break it up so that people don't get bored. – I'll be doing a LIVE demo for you guys so you can watch and learn.
  3. How to choose the right imagery for your blog post and where to place it to create an experience for your readers.
  4. Advice on choosing the right style of blog post for yourself, writing consistently, and how to create a community of fans.
  5. Plus a LIVE Q&A session, so you can get all your questions answered about blogging, next steps, & more!


I'll show you how to take your raw writing and make it look fantastic.



I want to make this knowledge as accessible to you as possible, so it's only $20 to claim your spot in the workshop.

I'm not sure if I will keep it at this price for future workshops, but I honestly care more about helping you make your blog look freaking amazing. You've got something in you that is worth saying, and I'm excited to help you share it with the people it's meant for.


I’ll be looking for YOUR name in the live chat! ;)

Stoked to see you there!

- Nathanael