If you’re pursuing it then you’re DOING it!


Too often we feel like it doesn’t count until we’ve got big results.

But that’s literally the very tail end of what it means to do something.

That’s like saying a farmer is only a farmer once the crops come in, even though they planted and watered and tended for months.

It’s easy to get hung up on your results being the determining factor of whether you are valid or not, but it’s just not true.

I’ve been pretty hard on myself recently that I’m not making progress as fast as I’d like. SO many areas. And it leaves me feeling defeated and crappy that I’ve only been able to chip away at what feels like a mountain of a goal.

I’ve felt paralyzed by the high expectations I put on myself:

  • “If I can’t write a long meaningful post, then I won’t write one at all.”

  • “If I can’t work on my course for 2 hours, what’s the use of putting 30min in?”

  • “If I can’t record a podcast every single week, then why reboot it at all?”


But I’ve been working to give myself more credit.

Progress is progress, no matter how small.

ONE is better than ZERO.

And each step, no matter how seemingly insignificant, still moves me forward; and therefore it freaking COUNTS.

Who says that our little bits of progress don’t count?


We are the ONLY person who gets to decide what counts and what doesn’t count in our journey.

And if it helps us to feel motivated and accomplished by setting a super low standard, then fine.

  • 1 push-up = a workout

  • 1 page = you read a book today

  • 1 comment = building a new relationship

  • 1 dish washed = cleaning your kitchen

Whatever it takes to move forward.

We’re gonna get to the next victory a heckuva lot faster going 1MPH and imperfect than we ever will going zero MPH and still tweaking for perfection.

Give yourself more credit for your INTENT.

Give yourself more credit for your ATTEMPTS.

Give yourself more credit for SHOWING UP.

Give yourself more credit for every bit of TINY PROGRESS.

Give yourself more credit for your IMPERFECT ACTIONS.

Give yourself more credit for being a MESS WITH MOMENTUM.

If you are pursuing it, then you are doing it.