FR#2: Freelancing, Video Games & Challenging Your Feelings with Shawnie Fortune

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Shawnie Fortune is a freelance graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. Her work is aimed for an even balance between functionality and beauty. She loves being able to be a part of helping others get further in their dreams. 

In this episode, we go into depth talking about making the leap from her first career in massage to becoming a freelance professional, while still hustling with other side-gigs. We talk about overcoming fears, having a servant mindset toward clients, unexpected opportunities, embracing your nerdiness (ultimately your true self), and much more in this awesome conversation.

A few key highlights:

  • At what point do you become a professional, and what solidifies that confidence?
  • Raising your rates and getting clients to feel comfortable sharing their budget with you.
  • Challenging your feelings when you’re down, isolated, or defeated.
  • How video games and comics inspire Shawnie and help her be more creative.

So get ready to dig in with my good friend, Shawnie, as she shares with a sweet and genuine heart how to be true to yourself and be happy while you’re still in the process. 

Some of Shawnie's Design Work:

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • 1:50 - How Shawnie decided to reboot her profession from the ground up
  • 5:00 - How being open to take freelance jobs while working at a coffee shop helped jump start her career as a designer.
  • 7:45 - How learning to communicate with your bosses at your job can teach you how to work with clients.
  • 9:26 - Why design hinges on your ability to communicate well and understand people.
  • 11:58 - At what point did you begin to feel like a professional?
  • 14:00 - How to get past the intimidation of talking about money with clients.
  • 17:27 - Why you need to approach talking about money with confidence and a genuine heart to serve your clients’ best interests.
  • 18:15 - How have you gone about raising your rates over the years?
  • 21:50 - Why laying down your artistic ego will make you a more successful creative professional.
  • 25:20 - What have been your biggest fears and obstacles since starting your career?
  • 28:00 - Why you have to continue educating yourself in order to stay relevant.
  • 30:10 - Why it’s important to challenge your feelings of doubt and insecurity in order to build confidence, feel capable, and value yourself.
  • 32:40 - Dealing with isolation or aloneness in your work
  • 34:40 - Providing yourself with healthy balance in life and work.
  • 35:17 - The importance of having a support system of people who know you well enough to have your back, even when you have to be deep in your work.
  • 36:25 - How Shawnie got into video games and comics as a kid.
  • 41:10 - Why embracing your nerdiness can help you be more creative.
  • 41:55 - How a side project based on Final Fantasy led to a client project.
  • 44:00 - When you create the work you love, that’s the kind of work that will come to you.
  • 44:18 - Being your true self is rare. Why the time she’s spent doing what she loved makes her feel more like herself and how that makes it easier to create.
  • 45:30 - Being inspired by the creativity that other people are expressing (in comics and video games).
  • 48:05 - Is there a project that she is most proud of? How trying a completely new discipline has been fueling her creatively.
  • 50:20 - What’s next for Shawnie? 



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