Blog Post Pro - Online Workshop

Blog Post Pro - Online Workshop


Get access to the full live workshop recording!

Over 1hr 30min of professional design and blogging training! 

Learn how to make beautiful blog posts that keep people reading every word you write in this prerecorded live workshop!

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Let's be honest: We all have a short attention span when it comes to online content.

You've spent hours working on your blog, setting it up, then writing awesome posts where you're passionately sharing what you care about. But that doesn't mean squat if people aren't willing to read the whole thing.

Time and time again, I've had people point out to me how much they enjoy the way that I format the blog posts for Frontrunners. They like how open it is, how easily readable, the different pull quotes and images.

In addition to it looking really great, it also serves a much more intentional purpose. It's all designed to provide readers with an experience that makes reading easier, enjoyable, and engaged with the content.

I've had enough people ask me about my methods and technique for styling blog posts, that I decided to put together this workshop.

I'll show you how to take your raw writing and make it look fantastic.


This is basically my "Secret Sauce" for making blog posts look amazing, so you're not going to want to miss this.

In this workshop I will teach you:

  1. How good design will make your blog one of the few that people keep coming back to.

  2. How to choose the right fonts and sizes for your text, choosing the right imagery, as well as how to lay out your posts to create an experience for your readers.

  3. Advice on writing consistently, expressing your unique voice, and how to write compelling posts that people will love to read.

  4. How to choose the right style of blog post for yourself, super helpful tools for blogging, and how to create a community of fans.

  5. Plus a LIVE Q&A session, so you can get all your questions answered about blogging, next steps, & more!



"THERE WAS JUST TOOO TOOO MUCH GOOD STUFF!!!! I am so glad that I purchased the blog workshop. As soon as I started listening it literally opened up a new world to me. I had to go back the next morning and replay it, and this time really taking the time to listen hard and takes lots of notes.

I had learned previously from Neil Patel that you need to write long blog posts and break them up with lots of space, but still I have never come across anything like this material before. It blew my mind because I actually HATE HATE WRITING and am a natural designer more than a writer. So now when I learned new ways to layout my text in such a profoundly interesting and impactful way I was really taken aback. – I only wish I was rolling in money so that I could hire Nathanael to help me completely redesign my website!”

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