Squarespace Studio Workshop

Squarespace Studio Workshop


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If you're serious about running a business, a blog, or creating content online, you shouldn't only have a beautiful website, but also have the skills to run it, edit it and keep it fresh as you grow.

On March 31st, from 10am-2pm, I'm giving you hands-on help to design, customize and optimize your Squarespace website.

We're going to be sharing the same creative space together and diving deeper into making your website the best that it can be.

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GOT A COUPLE GRAND to invest in your website? Probably not yet.

Most folks can't afford the cost of hiring someone to design an awesome website when they first start out, and oftentimes if they can, they don't know how to manage the website themselves once the project is over.

This leads to paying even more money to have someone manage the site, or (more often than not) simply letting their website drift into obscurity from not being managed or updated since you don't know how.

I've been designing brands for 13 years and have been creating Squarespace sites for over two years, both personal blogs and many extensive websites for large clients. 

While I normally charge 4-5 figures to design and develop client websites, I wanted to make myself and my knowledge available to you guys at reasonable cost, and a workshop is the perfect format!


Essentially, I'm putting on this workshop so that I can make website design a lot more affordable for small business owners and creatives like yourself.


  1. You can skip the overwhelming feeling of learning everything yourself and get hands-on, in-depth training from a professional designer.
  2. 4 Hours of coaching, personal attention, and focused studio time to develop your best website.
  3. Small group dynamic allows for 1-on-1 attention as well as interaction between yourself and other like-minded creatives & entrepreneurs.
  4. Creative collaboration to help you go beyond the default templates and craft a customized website that is unique to your brand and needs.
  5. Live Q&A Session - You'll be able to ask specific questions about things that have stumped you, get ideas for new opportunities to upgrade your site, learn strategy for marketing and communicating effectively, as well as get valuable insights as I answer questions from the other attendees.

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The workshop will be hosted at the beautiful Weller Society in Portland, OR.

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided. It's recommended that you eat a nice breakfast beforehand so your brain doesn't turn to mush halfway through ;)

Who Is This For?

  • This workshop is for people who have already got some momentum going, meaning you've started a website/blog on Squarespace, and you've done your best, but you're still wanting to take it to the next level in terms of design/strategy. If you could, you'd love to hire a professional to wave a magic wand and work their magic, but you're not quite there.
  • Want 1-on-1 advice/consulting for your site.
  • Have a limited budget and can’t yet justify hiring a professional to overhaul your site.
  • Want to optimize your site for SEO, email subscribers, and engagement.
  • Want training to give you more confidence and knowledge running your own website.
  • Are overwhelmed by the amount of information online and would rather have someone come alongside you than do everything self-taught.
  • Live in the Portland, OR area. (Or are willing to travel here)

This probably won’t be a good fit for you if:

  • You don’t have a website.
  • You’re not on the Squarespace platform
  • You’re looking for basic level instructions/how-to’s on how to use Squarespace
  • Are satisfied with your website the way it currently is
  • You need your website built from scratch or managed by someone else.
  • You can’t attend in-person in Portland, OR on March 31st from 10am-2pm.

Important Details:

  • Only 6 spots are available to ensure that each attendee gets maximum hands-on attention.
  • This workshop is exclusively for Squarespace websites.
  • This is an IN-PERSON workshop on March 31st in Portland at The Weller Society.
  • Since it's ideal if you already have your website live, if you want me to personally walk you through the first steps of getting started with Squarespace; after you register, I'll give you access to the exclusive replay of my online workshop: Start With Squarespace so you can prep in advance.
  • All sales are final. No refunds will be given.