FR#11: The Power of Legendary Stories & Launching An Epic Podcast with Jeremy Porth


Every one of us has retold a crazy story that we heard someone else experience. One of those stories that are too ridiculous, too funny, or too unfortunate not to share.

But what would it be like if you got those people to sit down and share the stories first-hand, straight from the source, and cut out the middle man?

That’s the question that led Jeremy Porth to start his podcast A Legendary Saga, where he interviews people from all backgrounds and has them share their most unbelievable stories.

From nearly drowning on a raft, to crazy destructive parties, to getting lost in the jungle during a monsoon in Sumatra, his guests’ stories are insane… and you wouldn’t even believe it unless they told you themselves because they’re all just regular people like you and me.

At the deepest level, Jeremy has a passion for the magic of imagination and entertainment, and he believes that everyone is valuable and has a story to tell. And in the process, his podcast ends up being a tool to show us all that our lives aren’t so boring as we might initially think.

Join us in this episode to hear Jeremy share a story of his own, as well as how he launched his podcast from scratch, and the value of a hard work ethic in pursuing something you love.

Key Takeaways:

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