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FR#16: Be Grateful For the Grit (Lessons Learned While Painting Concrete)

Sometimes you don’t win. Sometimes you’ve got to do whatever it takes to get by. — Sometimes you have to paint concrete. Those times it feels like your current circumstances are so far removed from where you want to be that you can’t even see the connection.

In this episode, I talk about a time when I had to paint concrete in order to pay the bills and support my family.

If you’ve been beaten down by circumstances but you just freaking KNOW that there’s more for you in life, this is for you.

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FR#15: Don’t Wait To Become An Expert, Lead While You Learn with Diane Gibbs

Sometimes learning something new can be frustrating because there’s a gap between where you are right now and the expectation in your head of how good you’re supposed to be.

So how do you lead people when you still have SO MUCH to learn?

And there’s no better person to share about this than Diane Gibbs. As both a professor of design as well as someone who is constantly chasing new knowledge, she’s the perfect person to shed light on how you can walk this out in your own life and career.

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FR#14: How To Beat Overwhelm, Stay Productive & Get Organized With a Full Plate

One of the most challenging things to do when you’re in charge of your own time is to provide yourself with structure and managing your time and responsibilities.

So how do you, as a driven and dedicated business owner, stay productive and organized when you’ve got a full plate? You need systems and structures that can provide you a better opportunity to do your best work.

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FR#13: Taking Off The Mask & Experiencing Massive Transformation in the Wake of Tragedy with Dave Swenson

Dave Swenson’s life got ripped in half… more than once. Unexplained death in the family, crashing companies, and deep secrets threatened to crush him. — But he came out the other side a changed man.

How do you persevere under such trying circumstances, much less strive to be a better version of yourself and discover a renewed vision for your life? Listen to hear his story.

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FR#12: You Can't Have Community Without Self-Acceptance

I used to think if I was good enough, skilled enough, talented enough, that people would come to me. But that line of thinking left me feeling isolated and hurting in my business.

We NEED people in our lives. Friends. Peers. Mentors. Community. It’s the only way to succeed and actually enjoy the journey too.

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FR#11: The Power of Legendary Stories & Launching An Epic Podcast with Jeremy Porth

Every one of us has retold a crazy story that we heard someone else experience. But what would it be like if you got those people to sit down and share the stories first-hand, straight from the source, and cut out the middle man?

That’s the question that led Jeremy Porth to start his podcast A Legendary Saga.

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FR#10: Wake Up On The Right Side Of Your Life With Powerful Morning Routines

If you wake up on the “wrong” side of the bed often enough, you’ll end up on the wrong side of your LIFE. The same goes for creating routines that get you on the RIGHT side, mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

In this episode I share about the morning routines and mindsets that have helped me succeed, beat anxiety and depression, and stay refreshed and positive in the face of all of life’s challenges.

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FR#9: Avoiding Creative Ruts, Launching a New Studio, and Coaching Your Clients Without Becoming A Control Freak with Producer Justin Abel

Music producer and studio owner, Justin Abel has produced hundreds of albums and projects throughout his career. In this episode, he shares about how to stay fresh and avoid creative ruts, selecting (and eliminating) clients, launching a studio as a solo business owner, and how to guide your clients’ vision without being a control freak.

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FR#8: Stretching Your Capacity Without Snapping

It’s possible to stretch yourself so far that it hinders you instead of helping you grow. The key is to STRETCH > ADJUST > REPEAT to find a pace that is sustainable for you. In this episode I share about a humbling lesson I had to learn in the past few weeks that brought me to the breaking point, but ultimately lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.

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FR#7: How to Quit People Pleasing, Performing and Being a Victim, Cause Nobody Has it All Together with Candace Oliver

Model, entrepreneur, and mother of 4, Candace Oliver, shares how she dumped her victim mindset after losing the business she built for 11 years and then started fresh; as well as how she overcomes people-pleasing, performing and perfectionism while building a business in the beauty industry.

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Guest Podcast: "STEP 0" on The Rational Enquirer

I had the pleasure of being the first ever guest on The Rational Enquirer podcast, hosted by my good friend Joseph "Shribs" Schreiber.

Come hang out with us as we talk about my book STEP 0, Harry Potter movies, our definition of success, balancing epic fantasy novels with personal development books, and so much more!

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