FR#4: The One Action That Defeats Anxiety

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Life can be challenging.

Running a business, working your job, leading a family, finances, LOTS of stuff can cause Anxiety.

Anxiety is CRIPPLING.

I dealt with it hardcore for a season last year. 

I want to talk about the most significant action we can take to overcome anxiety.

That action is making a decision to choose Faith Over Fear.

When your perception changes, your emotions and behavior will change automatically.

Join me for an epic solo-round as I break down the mindset shift that changed everything for me and the tools that will help you to tear down anxiety so you can live a life that is full of peace, joy, and confidence for the future.


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Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:

  • Intro - My personal experience with being crippled with anxiety last year

  • 4:05 - How to adjust our mindset in order to change our emotions and actions

  • 5:52 - A breakdown of how we process every situation in life, so that we can begin to gain control over our perception

  • 7:20 - What is Perceptual Intelligence, and how can it can help you "hack” your mindset when you’re experiencing anxiety and stress?

  • 9:00 - Why things that happen around us don’t have to move us on the inside

  • 11:28 - Why trying to change what we’re DOING isn’t enough

  • 13:20 - How to have power in a situation when you feel powerless

  • 15:30 - Why Fear can be a GOOD thing

  • 17:50 - How having a positive perception of a bad situation can create a positive outcome

  • 19:00 - Where does worry come from?

  • 21:16 - How you can actually CHOOSE to never have a bad day in your life

  • 22:57 - How do we know how to have faith?

  • 25:00 - If you had the power to change anything in your world, what would you change?

Other ways to enjoy this post:
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