FR#5: Perfection Is For Losers with Dustin Lee


Dustin Lee is the Owner of Retro Supply Co., Co-Host of The Honest Designers Podcast, and the Founder of Passive Income For Designers digital course. He’s a Designer, conference speaker, marketer and an incredible entrepreneur who I am lucky to call my friend.

In this episode we talk about why he almost burned his guitar, the role of CONFIDENCE and COMPETENCE in launching a $35,000 idea, and the usefulness of radical accountability.

Key Takeaways:

  • 5:00 - How Dustin built the business that changed his life while living at his grandmother’s house

  • 7:23 - why building his email list helped blow up his business when he got his big break

  • 10:00 - Why it’s important to take action even when it’s imperfect

  • Quote - “Better a diamond with a flaw, then a pebble without."

  • 11:20 - Our confidence is connected to our competence

  • 13:05 - How you can build the confidence that you DESERVE to win

  • 15:15 - Why it’s important to launch > Adjust > Relaunch instead of trying to do it perfect the first time

  • 18:45 - Why Dustin decided he had to burn his guitar in order to stay accountable to his goal

  • 19:45 - Why being accountable to close friends may not be enough to compel you to be accountable

  • 21:00 - How being accountable to strangers helped Dustin have a $35,000 launch for his online course.

  • Quote - “Entrepreneurship is like jumping off a cliff and building the plane on the way down."

  • 26:30 - Why true accountability makes you feel unpleasant, but it’s necessary

  • 28:00 - How launching a 5-figure course isn’t any different from selling an $8 product

  • 30:30 - It’s the illusion of how hard things are that stops us, not the actual thing

  • Quote: "Complexity is the enemy of execution"

  • Quote: “We should be very careful of the things that we believe, and only hold on to the beliefs that empower us."

  • 35:00 - Are your core beliefs serving you and supporting where you want to go?

  • 37:40 - High profile people are just like us. They face the same obstacles that we do, but their mindset is different.

  • 39:00 - The separating factor for success is: Ship ideas > Evaluate > and then adjust. KEEP REPEATING while it’s bad, and it will eventually be good.

  • 41:04 - #1 KEY FOR THIS PODCAST. The process for launching successful ideas that anyone can follow.

  • 44:00 - Why you need to get over the fear of looking foolish

  • 46:30 - If we stop making what we do so sacred, then it frees us up to make mistakes and not be so fearful. — Stop putting your identity in what we do.