FR#6: Staying Creative, Confident and Connected While Fighting Chronic Illness with Kelly Attwood


Interior designer and stylist Kelly Atwood shares SO MANY inspiring nuggets about mindset, perseverance and creativity despite her battle with MS (multiple sclerosis). You’ll be inspired by her positive attitude and her willingness to take risks to do what she loves, including launching a brand new business in less than a month!

We talk about battling impostor syndrome, isolation, and finding the courage to find purpose in each day (even when it seems you can’t see the light).

Come dig deep with us as we get raw, transparent and real in this incredible episode.

Kelly is the owner of Provision House, an interior design and styling company.

She also just had the grand opening for her new store, City Home in Vancouver, WA.

Key Takeaways:

  • Key Takeaways:

    • 4:15 - How Kelly’s faith helped her find clarity in her identity

    • 5:00 - How styling a baby shower sparked Kelly’s interior design career

    • 6:53 - It’s totally possible for someone without formal education to be a professional and why it canoe an asset to not fit in the mold

    • 9:20 - How to overcome Impostor Syndrome with humility and purpose

    • 13:22 - Having confidence in your abilities and having honesty with your limitations

    • 15:13 - Kelly’s personal affirmation she uses to boost her confidence when she’s feeling insecure in her abilities

    • 18:15 - Showing up consistently across the board in every area of our lives

    • 19:37 - Kelly talks about the hardest thing she’s ever done: Getting diagnosed with MS and a spine injury, right in the middle of her business taking off… and MORE

    • 25:25 - How do you wake up and get out of bed each day when you feel like death

    • 29:53 - How community can help support you in the areas of your life where you feel insufficient

    • 34:55 - How Kelly got the idea to launch a new franchise business while walking her dog, and took the bold leap to launch it in less than a month

    • 39:30 - Just because it’s important doesn’t mean it has to take forever - Why it’s important to not miss your window of opportunity

    • 42:20 - Why it’s important to treat your life and business like an adventure instead of being a control freak

    • 45:50 - How do you deal with feeling isolated as a creative entrepreneur?

    • 48:50 - Why creative people need to change their scenery and get into fresh creative spaces

    • 53:00 - Who is inspiring Kelly right now

    • 54:40 - How Kelly is feeding her mind, body and soul

    • 58:25 - Kelly’s definition of a Frontrunner


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