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FR#15: Don’t Wait To Become An Expert, Lead While You Learn with Diane Gibbs

Sometimes learning something new can be frustrating because there’s a gap between where you are right now and the expectation in your head of how good you’re supposed to be.

So how do you lead people when you still have SO MUCH to learn?

And there’s no better person to share about this than Diane Gibbs. As both a professor of design as well as someone who is constantly chasing new knowledge, she’s the perfect person to shed light on how you can walk this out in your own life and career.

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FR#9: Avoiding Creative Ruts, Launching a New Studio, and Coaching Your Clients Without Becoming A Control Freak with Producer Justin Abel

Music producer and studio owner, Justin Abel has produced hundreds of albums and projects throughout his career. In this episode, he shares about how to stay fresh and avoid creative ruts, selecting (and eliminating) clients, launching a studio as a solo business owner, and how to guide your clients’ vision without being a control freak.

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FR#3: Bootstrapping the Music Business, The Upside To Having Haters, and Killing Ego with Andrew Serino

Andrew Serino, a multi-instrumental musical force to be reckoned with. Join me as we explore his journey with music, how to handle the inevitability of haters, and how he hustled playing every instrument on his album while working 3 jobs. We cover social media promotion, the music biz, and the importance of being self-aware in this energy-packed episode!

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FR#1: From Corporate Assistant to Budding Event Planner - Year 1 with Dorotheea Dragomir

If you've got a small business or are thinking about launching one, you'll love Doro's transparency as she shares about her first year being a business owner after leaving her comfortable corporate job at a hospital, fears and insecurities she encountered, and lessons she's learned along the way!

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